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Our New Monthly Membership Course


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You have been asking for a better course to help you learn more about homeopathy at home, and here it is:

This is a six month interactive, live course giving you the help you need to learn more about precise prescribing of homeopathy at home.

This course will be priced at $40 a month… but we have a pre-launch offer, you can register before we begin for $24 per month:

This is a six-month course… but if it is not right for you… You can stop at any time during that 6 months.

Our Aim

We want to help more people be more confident at self prescribing.  But courses are often difficult to complete on your own.  So we want to bring the learning into the community by working together at this as a group.

We want you to be enthused and motivated to stay with the course from start to finish.  We want you to learn with others so that you can really benefit from helping each other with all aspects of first aid prescribing.

This is a course for anyone who:

Finds it difficult to complete an online course on your own

Finds it difficult to find the resource the need after they complete the course

Wishes they had a printable version of the information they have learnt from course

Wants to learn with others, interact with other people at the same stage of learning and feel that they can ask questions about prescribing at any time.

If you said yes to any of the points above, then have a look at what this course offers you and how it  will work for you.

How Does the Course Work?

You will receive weekly learning materials by email

You will participate in monthly webinars with myself and other guest homeopaths

You will interact with each other at any time of day or night

You will have question and answer session with a team of homeopaths in private group sessions

So What’s Included:

Each week you will receive

A new video to watch about prescribing homeopathy at home

A reading resource for you to print off and add to your Homeopathy at Home Folder

An activity to complete

Each Month you will be invited to

Join a live webinar with myself, Mary Greensmith, or another homeopath with a special interest in the topic of discussion.

Join a question and answer session with my team of homeopaths live in the Homeopathy at Home Group.

All this for just $25 a month. (This offer is for this week only) usual price is $40 a month.

The course  (and payment) is for six months and you will have access to all of the course videos and content for a whole year.

Our Mission

The Homeopathy at Home team are working hard to help you get to grips with self prescribing with homeopathy for acute (first aid applications).

We want you to learn more about the attributes of each of the well known remedies, the remedies most suited to your family, prescribing methods, potency and dose and most importantly… collecting the symptoms.

We want you to have an easy to follow formula to find the right remedy for each first aid event that happens in your house.

We want you to benefit from brilliant homeopathic responses because you have been able to choose the right remedy!

Ready to find out more?

Click through to register your interest and benefit from this pre-launch offer today!